Welcome to Nacogdoches Internal Medicine

At Nacogdoches Internal Medicine, Dr. Oladele-Ajose takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to diagnosing, treating and maintaining effective treatment regimens for adult patients suffering from a wide range of diseases and disorders.

Dr. Oladele-Ajose oversees a practice that draws upon his deep expertise in diagnosing and treating adult diseases and medical conditions, with a particular focus on the continuum of medical care. He closely monitors his patients during all phases of their care, from initial office visits and hospital admissions to continual treatment maintenance at skilled nursing facilities and back into the home.

Nacogdoches Internal Medicine provides a number of intensive and personalized medical treatment programs for adults, including smoking cessation counseling and pharmacologic intervention; diet/exercise weight management; healthy living programs; medication maintenance and dosage adjustment; in-hospital diagnosis and treatment of serious medical conditions; in-patient and out-patient consultative services with other surgeons and physicians; home healthcare; and the supervision of care at skilled- and assisted-living facilities.